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By | August 2, 2021

we are going to review the best drone under 300 with a camera. In this era of technology, drones have found immense importance in our lives. From entertainment to agriculture, architecture to sports, their usage has become the new norm.

In fact, drones have replaced the traditional ways of aerial photography and film making. There was a time when helicopters were used to take a shot during the film shooting.. They were limited in maneuvering, plus expensive too.

Now the time has come, even the kids are controlling the quadcopters for leisure activities. Drones that come under $300 mostly used for sports-related activities.

In order to save your precious time in finding the best drone that offers good value, we have compiled the list of top 15 drones. These are the best in their specs, performance, design, durability, flight time, and range.

1. Potensic D60 Drone

2. Holy Stone HS 700 FPV Drone

3. Potensic T35 GPS Drone

4. Contixo F20 RC Quadcopter Drone with GPS

5. Hubsan H501S X4 Drone

6. Element Digital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone

7. 3DR Solo Quadcopter

8. Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Quadcopter with Devo 7 and Camera

9. UPAIR One PLus Quadcopter Drone

10. Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racing Drone RTF Version Mode 2

11. 2. Contixo F24 Pro – Our Value Pick

12Altair Outlaw SE

13Parrot Bebop 2

14Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone with Camera

15Hubsan Zino

Lets start reviewing Best drone under 300 with the camera

1. Potensic T35 GPS Drone


height set mode allows altitude hold
single-key take-off and landing
FPV HD 1080P Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera
Stepless speed work intended for more experienced pilots to get from 10% to 100% flawlessly with continuous increasing speed and deceleration for indoor and open-air flight and work on progressing from learner to master pilot
include extra blades and engines for misfortunes
for video and photograph stockpiling 4GB TF card and a USB card reader
six-pivot gyro control framework for stability
GPS situating with programmed return during signal misfortune and low power cases, Follow Me function to keep the drone from getting lost, and Headless mode with one-key departure for learners

Ready to fly out of the box
does not require FAA regulations
gyro system helps in drone’s stability

motors can heat up quickly, so you have to take the little pauses between the flights to cool the motors down
you have to sync the drone ( for this charge the batteries, turn on the transmitter and drone also
2. Holy Stone HS 700 FPV Drone – Awesome GPS System

It is the famous quadcopter for photography as well as videography. The Holy Stone HS 700 is the advanced and up-to-date version of HS 100.

It is good to use indoor and outdoor, the drone is handy to capture precious family moments, cover weddings, or record outdoor adventures.

The GPS is equal to none, it offers a better positioning of the drone for stability and maneuvering. It helps in the return to the home of the drone in case of any signal problem between a drone and a transmitter.


12MP HD camera for recording in 1080 with 30 fps, it offers a 110-degree view for panoramic shots.
offers GoPro support
20 minutes of flight time ( good for the outdoor recordings )
Return to home feature available
400 meters signal range
Brushless motors offer noiseless video recording
Onboard GPS provides smart features like follow me, circle around me, back/return to home, TapFly.
GPS would lock in 20 satellites in 1-minute maximum
Full HD video transmission with 5G network

Awesome GPS System
highly durable
easy calibration for better handling
very easy to fly even for a beginner, the headless feature allows one to focus on photography
very stable and responsive to the pilot’s instructions
smartphone controller and FPV apps are supported also

Flight time gets a little bit reduced on multi-functioning
It requires FAA registration in some part of the world to fly this drone
The camera is un-adjustable in flight, must handle the drone to get the dream shots
blade guards are absent, hence can be risky to fly for a beginners
3. Hubsan H501S X4 Drone

Hubsan is a reputable name in the drone industry. This drone was designed for FPV flights especially, and it does not disappoint FPV pilots. The H501S X4 also offers a built-in LCD screen in the controller.

It is the go-to drone for passionate pilots, not only that one can try new maneuvers with it, plus getting used to the rules and regulations of FPV. Hence a complete package for a beginner pilot.


20 minutes of flight time
brushless motors
2700 mAh LiPo battery
300 meters range
1080p HD camera for videos and photos can transfer live video to the 4.3-inch LCD screen
GPS provides smart features e.g. (follow me, Headless mode with altitude hold)

easy to control the drone
return to home allows the drone to come back to its base
FPV transmission available direct from the built-in LCD screen in the controller
FPV goggles supported

flight range is a little bit low 300 meters
the camera angle has a narrow point of view for FPV only
4. Contixo F20 RC Quadcopter Drone with GPS

It is lightweight and easy to carry the drone. Contixo F20 Quadcopter is very stable with multiple features.

The drone has a good range to allow for longer flights.

It is also a beginner-friendly drone, the return to home feature helps the beginner not to get lost in the air.


16 minutes of flight time
1.2 miles control range, but FPV only work up to 500 meters
GPS allows smart functions like follow me, return to home, circle around me
Full HD 1080p camera for high-quality aerial shots and panorama shots
Altitude hold, headless mode, and one key take off
Brushless motors that help in cold weather conditions

1-mile control range of a drone
The remote controller has a smartphone holder
flight time is good with 3 hrs to charge time
the backpack helps you take the drone anywhere
24/7 customer support from the USA office, will provide you a free bonus battery when you ask for one

It takes numerous steps to get into the air, it needs to be aligned, connection with a phone’s app, and connection with a controller every time
The hover function is not 100% perfect, the drone will shift to the sides if it is not aligned
5. Element Digital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone

This drone is most recommended by everyone, everyone loves it. MJX Bugs 5W has an extremely good track record of smooth flying in mid-tier drones.


15 to 18 minutes of flight time
1800mAh battery
300-meter range with FPV that offers live stream for the entire range
1080p camera for video and photography
Six-axis gyro system for enhanced stability and functionality
For nighttime visibility LED light system is available
Altitude hold, Headless mode, one key takeoff and landing functions

LED lights allow for drone visibility in the night
The remote control has a mobile holder
Three LiPo batteries allow up to 45 minutes of flight time
Extremely stable drone

limited features compared to other drones in this price
300 meters control range is less for some pilots
6. Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Quadcopter with Devo 7 and Camera

The Walkera is famous for providing a drone that is easy to use and powerful.

This drone is pretty quick, and can be taken to the races without much effort,

The performance of this drone is really impressive, it can be designed for custom races.


8 minutes of flight time
Camera with Devo 7 remote to control it
Brushless motors provide stability in flight
Night vision mini camera of 5.8g 400CH, 600Tvl
Provides 3D aerobatics mode

This is extremely fast, no modification is required for competition
The frame design is unique to balance the aerodynamics
No FAA regulations levied on it
Provides safety mode for beginner pilots

8 minutes of flight time is insufficient for some, however extra batteries can be bought to increase the flight time
Extra accessories like FPV goggles and maps are to bought separately
7. Altair Outlaw SE

This drone is one of the best in this race, Altair Outlaw SE offers incredible picture and video quality. The 1080p camera is hard to beat,

All the smart features like one-touch take-off and landing are available in this drone.

The customer support is awesome and offers a reliable solution to every problem.


Return to home function
Headless mode for beginner
Waypoint flight mode
One key take-off and landing

20 minutes of flight time
1080p full HD camera
600m range

This comes with only one battery
8. Parrot Bebop 2

This is a fun drone to fly. The looks of this drone are unique and eye-catching.

It sails in the air smoothly because of a digital 3 axis stabilization system, due to which it is beginner-friendly.


Dual-Core processor with Quad-Core GPU
Flight Plan is an in-app feature that you can buy for a little price

Have a full FPV kit
2.7K 12MP camera
High control range
Flight time is good
Easy to use

(Flight Plan Feature) is an in-app purchase
9. Potensic D60 Drone

It is the coolest drone in the market. It offers some really good features.

It is really stable even in the windy conditions of 15 miles per hour. The on-screen display radar information, the controller provides great control with two joysticks.


Very good camera quality with 110-degree FOV lens
IT has seven sensors that help in stable indoor and outdoor flights

Gives 20 minutes of flight time with a single battery
The control range is 300 meters that are within FAA regulations
Allow FPV goggles for a better experience

The Flight Plan feature that allows you to fix a route for a drone is not free but one has to purchase it separately in-app
10. Holy Stone HS720D GPS Drone with Camera

This drone has a really cool design, foldable design makes this one easy to transport.


Onboard GPS module
All smart features like (follow me, circle around me, return to home) are present

It is durable
Full HD 4k FPV video
Great GPS system in place
The only drone with a 4k camera under 300 dollars

Charging takes a little bit longer as more advanced options consume more power
Spare batteries are not cheap
11. 3DR Solo Quadcopter

Solo is reputed to create a quality drone at a low price. The 3DR model is keeping the reputation SOLO intact.

3DR does not come with a built-in camera, however, you can easily attach a GoPro to it.

Caution: Don’t try to use FPV with GoPro because it will interfere with the transmission frequencies.


18-20 minutes of flight time
500-meter range
GPS with systems like back to home and multiple directions
One key home return

Vision positioning system for indoor flights through narrow spaces
The drone has a perfect return to home feature

The in-built camera is absent, but GoPro can be attached
12. Hubsan Zino

The drone is priced just above the $300 but it is worth including in the best drone under 300 with camera list.

The build quality and specs of this drone outperform many of the drones under $500.


Different intelligent flight modes are available
Return to home and one key take off

2.5Km range
3axis-gimbal image stabilizer for camera
5G transmission
1km FPV live to stream

Obstacle avoidance is absent
Marginally expensive
13. UPAIR One PLus Quadcopter Drone

It allows multiple flight modes, for a beginner headless mode is suitable with one-touch takeoff and landing without losing control of a drone.

If you want to explore the places with a birds-eye view you can opt for following me mode, the drone will follow you while hovering over a certain height.


Full HD camera, high resolutions 16MP
5.8G FPV wifi transmission available
2-axis gimbal for greater stability
18 minutes of flight time
60-90 minutes of charging time
Multiple flight modes like Headless, altitude hold, follow me, one key take off

Due to headless mode, it is beginner-friendly
Lightweight and durable
Flight Plan is available to draw a flight path

The drone solely relies on a GPS system
14. Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racing Drone RTF Version Mode 2

This drone is not for the beginner, Eachine Wizard X220 is a racing drone. It is surprisingly quick.

If you can not afford an expensive customized drone, this drone is suitable for you.


Brushless motors for fast speed
1500mAh battery allows you up to 12 minutes of flight time
700 TVL camera with FPV goggles
Four Eachine ESCs make this drone very responsive to commands

Impressively fast racing drone, requiring no modifications
Handling is good for an experienced pilot who knows their way

FPV goggles need to be purchased separately to participate in races
15. Contixo F24 Pro – Our Value Pick

It is a perfect drone for a traveler, It is easy to carry an FPV quadcopter. It comes with a backpack.


GPS assisted hovering
Failsafe Return to home
Headless mode, altitude hold, and one key takeoff and landing

It is under $300 drone
Offers live streaming to the controller
Backpack included
2000 meter range
Good flight time

Some negative reviews regarding wifi setup on Amazon
FPV distance is only 600 meters
In this article we have reviewed Best drone under 300 with the camera, we tried to remain precise by discussing the important factors like their features, pros and cons.

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